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All our members are accredited/classified by Tourism Department of Govt. of Kerala. These are real homes where you get to enjoy the local family life, culture, cuisine and traditions in a secured and friendly atmosphere.


All our members are real Kerala Homes.


Being with a local family , you are secured.

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Up close and Personal Experiences !


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Enjoy Kerala in its Real Form

Enjoy your Kerala Visit and make it a memorable and "experiential" one. Is there a anything better than staying with a local family to enjoy and experience the true essence of Kerala,in a secured and economical way ?

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Conditions of Membership

*AHOA community member *

  • Shall be a tourism department classified HOMESTAY(pending approval/process, expired included) Owner.
  • Shall operate with and within the limit of Govt Specified number of rooms (currently 6)
  • Shall posess C-Form registration and be compliant with rules
  • Shall reside and live in the same premises where he/she operates the homestay
  • Shall inform the authorities and AHOA of any major modifications to the premises (adding rooms etc)
  • Shall be compliant with all the rules/regulations that the authorities demands from time to time

Any classified Homestay in Kerala can become a member of AHOA. However, in additionyou shall be compliant with the basic rules of AHOA. Click on the REGISTER button and fill in details. After verification, we will guide you thru the formalities.
  • Electricity: Residential
  • Water: Non-Domestic
  • Panchayat/Municipalities: Commercial Rs.30-Rs.60 for the portion of the house.They assign a new number.
Minutes of meetings..
Various submissions/recommendations made by AHOA to authorities.
Every member of AHOA shall be registered for online submission of C-Form. Please approach the local office with either the classification certificate or acknowldgement of application, wonsership certificate etc. to get registered.
Yes, ofcourse, AHOA will stand by its members in times of trouble. However, your case must be genuine and reasonable.
Use google adwords, FB, Twitter, get listed on sites like TripAdvisor, AirBnb, etc. Hard part is to get the First few customers and some good reviews on Tripadvisor etc..Put you heart into what you do...results will come..Dont be too commercial..retain the homely enviroment.. results and good reviews will come..
Primary rule is that if your annual turnover is less than Rs.20 Lacs , you do not need to be registered for GST. If you are not registered you should not collect GST. However, registering will enable you to offset the GST you pay on your purchases for running the Homestay but then you will have to take the headache of filing GST returns regularly.

Charity & love are the same

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