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Accredited Homestay Owners Association
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  • Secured
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  • Real Experiences 
  A ccredited Homestay Owners Association (AHOA) is an association of homestays accredited and licensed by Kerala Government Tourism Department.  

Accreditation means that you dont have to worry about the authenticity of the place or the host. All member Homestays are prechecked for you by Kerala Govt and the local agencies.  
Real homestay means that your host is a local and you are in the secured environment of a local home enabling you to enjoy your stay without any worries . Morever, the authenticity it brings to your vacation is unparalleled as you are up close and personal with the local neighbourhood, customs, traditions and local cuisines. 
So for your next vacation in Kerala, choose a real Homestay and enjoy a wonderful, secured and memorable vacation!
 Below is a sample of Accreditation certificate

 Kerala Homestay License